Sunday, September 03, 2006

Summer English Camp in Nectiny

From August 21 till 3Oth I was in Nectiny where my summer camp takes place every year. This year I had only 25 kids which compared to last year when I had 62 was a piece of cake. I was glad though as it was not such a big hussle. Every year I try to come up with new activities so the kids like it. It was very successful this year I believe.

A trip to a nearby Manetin

Classroom activities

Fall of trust

The best thing this year were the weddings, where all the kids had to have their own vows in English and they also had their minister.

A lot of sports..........archery, cross-country

And many, many activities. Both the teachers there and the students had fun.

Let's be a little bit patriotic.....

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Holly came for my camp

The same day Kylowna left, my another friend came. Holly Emberton from Wales, UK is a friend of mine who I used to look after when I was an Au-Pair in London. She is 14 now and back then she was 2,5 years old. She came for my camp helping me with teaching English. She is like my second child and it will always be like that. Together with her came Mark who is a 33-year old fisherman from the same village in Devon. It was fun to have them both at the camp in Nectiny. This year I had only 25 kids but it was very nice time. A lot of new activities I brought with me from my stay in US. Next post is gonna be about the camp itself.

Bara, Mark, Holly and Me

Kylowna leaving Czech Republic

Kylowna's leaving was very sad for me. We get along very well with each other and we found a very good friend in each other. The whole exchange in our case was the best ever I dare to say. Kylowna is a wonderful person I will always admire. She touched so many people here in their hearts. They will never forget her and I dare to say that the whole town will always remember her. It will always be open for her and she will always be welcome here. The whole year has been really the best one so far I believe for both of us.


The last stop in Poland was a very beautiful city called Krakow. Beautiful architecture.

Auschwitz in Poland

The biggest and most important trip while being in CZ. The Concentration Camp Auschwitz. I dare to say it was the most horrible thing I have ever seen in my life. I could not believe my eyes there. How can someone come up with such an idea????

Terezin was terrible itself but it was NOTHING compare to this hell!!!

From all those places the Jews were brought to be put in gas chambers in Auschwitz.
Auschwitz - Burkenau
It was the worst part of the whole area where people (75%) were sent into the gas chambers right after they came locked in on trains for many days. The guides here say that some people were cremated alive as the gas did not kill them. The visit here is incredible experience.

Zatec - Town Tennis Tournament

While Kylowna was still in CZ there was a tennis tournament going on. I played both singles and doubles. In singles I lost in third round and in doubles I won together with my best friend Ondra. I was very happy as I am now Town Champion in qualification in doubles. It was only a qualification for a main game next week, but who cares, right?? I got a gold plaque, award and some other stuff.

Nectiny and Pilsen

Another trip was to my most favourite part of the Czech Republic, Castle Nectiny where I have my Summer English Camp for my students every year and Pilsen which is a nearby city where I studied. Because this year the camp was when Kylowna was already at home I needed to go there to show it to her.
It is a lovely place indeed.

Pilsen itself is also interesting but this time it was very dull and Kylowna didn't like it that much.


Kylowna is crazy about Jewish culture, history and I would say with everything that has something to do with the Jewish. Probably as much as I am with the cemeteries, right Ky????
One of the things I had to promise was to visit the Concentration Camp Terezin and Auschwitz in Poland. As I promised, I did.
I was in Terezin when I was a school boy and didn't remember anything really since then. One of the maaaaaaany things I have in common with Kylowna is imagination. And in places like that it works really well. We were just constantly amazed by the place and what had happened there.

Barracks - rooms were people suffered extremely.
Shooting areas

A short trip to Most

Denisa went to Croatia with some of her friends and therefore I had to look after Adela some days. The rest she spent with her grandparents in Southern Bohemia. The town of Most is always a good choice for a trip as there is McDonald's which Adela loves the best. Besides that there is also a very beautiful medieval castle. Kylowna liked it very much up there. Except the food we had there.

Karlovy Vary and dinner in Marianske Lazne

Karlovy Vary is a very beautiful spa town indeed. Alicia liked it very much I would say and was very brave with drinking all the springs there. It was fun to watch her making faces after drinking them.

Here we are Alicia nad me Kylowna and Maurice

The picture is taken in quite an expensive pizzeria where we had lunch. Then we took a funicular up the hill where we climbed (elevator) on KV outlook tower from which there is a beautiful view over the town.

The architecture of this town is picturesque.

It was the very last day of the four of us. Maurice left the next day and Alicia the day after.